Male Fertility Test

Male Fertility Test: How Accurate Could it Be?

Male Fertility Test is being used more and more lately… Fertility is a problem with both men and women, but many people consider fertility problems an issue for women. About half of infertility cases are due to a problem with the fertility of the man. Approximately 30% of the time, the problem with conception is the low fertility level of them man.

This makes it important that both partners get fertility testing, not just the woman. A male fertility test could be very useful; Fertility tests for men may be embarrassing, but finding the problem, especially early on, makes it easy to treat the fertility symptoms, so pregnancy is possible. If the man gets fertility testing first it can also save the woman a good deal of discomfort.

The Initial Evaluation of Male Fertility

Doctors generally decide that a couple is infertile if they have not managed to conceive a child in a year of frequent, unprotected sex. This diagnosis is tentative, as many couples do going on to conceive a child in two or more years.

A less embarrassing option of a visit to the doctor is to use an over the counter Male Fertility Test to do a preliminary measure of their fertility levels.

Male Fertility Test for Semen Analysis is available over the counter and is pretty accurate and effective for most aspects of assessing the health of a man’s semen. Male Fertility Tests can prevent an unneeded doctor’s visit and save you’re the expense, embarrassment, and time.

A male fertility test provides the immediate result, and they are ACCURATE in reporting potential problems with fertility. If the test indicates potential problems, you should visit your doctor. At Amazon, you will find the absolutely best prices. Click the link below to check it out…

The first doctor you should visit for male infertility is a urologist, who will start the fertility testing process by interviewing you and conducting an examination to find out the following:

* Medical and Reproductive History, including surgeries and recent medications
* Lifestyle aspects, such as exercise, eating habits, drugs, alcohol, and smoking
* Physical exam
* Sexual history including STDs and problems with sex

But if you first get a male fertility test for men you can avoid an unnecessary visit to a doctor.

When trying to evaluate male fertility in a male fertility test and any semen analysis, the man must produce a semen sample to be analyzed. This sample should be analyzed quickly to ensure the best results.

Aspects of the Semen Analysis:

Semen analysis requires the man to masturbate and gather his ejaculate in a cup. This sample needs to be examined within several hours to make sure the results are as accurate as can be. The analysis measures the following:

Volume of Ejaculate

The volume should be at least 2.5 milliliters, as this is an average volume. Lower volumes indicate possible problems. For example, there may not be enough fluid being produced, the ducts might be blocked, or there might be prostate gland issues.

Sperm Count

The proper sperm count range should be between 40 and 300 million per milliliter of ejaculate. If the number is under 10 million, the sperm count is too low, and if the count is between 20 and 40 million, the sperm count may or may not be adequate depending on the capabilities of the sperm.

Speed and Mobility

The number of cells that are active in comparison to the total number of cells in the ejaculate is one of the ways they measure the mobility of sperm. This is reported as a percentage. A good number is 50% or more active cells.

The second measure is an assessment of the quality of the sperm’s movement, which is determined using a five-point scale (0-4.) 2 is the lowest score that is considered acceptable for a fertile male.

Cell Shape (Morphology)

The World Health Organization states that a minimum of approximately 1/3 of the cells should be normally shaped.

Strict Morphology Test (Kruger Test)

This measures the size and shape of just the sperm head. A normal result should have at least 14% of heads that are normally shaped, and a smaller number, of 4% or less could be indicative of infertility.


Semen is liquid when it is ejaculated but it coagulates into a gel right away and then returns to its liquid state within 20 minutes. Sperm that does not coagulate and liquefy is possibly a problem, as well as the sperm that is too thick or has too many white blood cells.

Seminal Fructose

The absence of seminal fructose, which is produced in the seminal vesicles, when there is no sperm may indicate a problem with the seminal vesicles, the vas deferens, or the ejaculatory duct.


Additional tests may be performed to look for infections, bacteria, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. A Male Fertility Test will not check for those problems.

A Male Fertility Test is a good solution for men who have been trying to have a child with their partner, or for men who just want to make sure that they are not infertile.

If you have a normal analysis the first time you perform the test than infertility problems are unlikely, but if there are problems with the results than you should see your doctor to receive a more accurate and detailed analysis of your sperm.

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